Spring Sampler

Green fields and barbed wire 2 cr.jpgBy Timothy Collins

Spring Sampler: West Central Illinois

A Photo Essay

Traveling along the backroads of West Central Illinois in McDonough and Fulton counties reveals treasures of light and shadow and splashes of color. April, 2016, in among days of gray and rain, offered some times of rich and unforgettable beauty.

DSC_4199 golden sunset comp.jpg

 A golden sunset bathes the Spoon River Valley on Helle Road in Fulton County, IL.

DSC_4214 cedar comp.jpg

A cedar tree and a gate along Helle Road in Fulton County filter the setting sun.

DSC_4538 farmers run comp 50pct.jpg

 Farmers Run in McDonough County basks in the early morning Sun where 1400E crosses. It drains into the Lamoine River, part of the Illinois River Valley.

DSC_4592 young corn comp 40pct.jpg

Newly planted corn grows in the rich prairie soil near a wooded stretch of Farmers Run in McDonough County, IL.

DSC_4313 road and clouds 2 comp 570 pi.jpg

Spring skies in West Central Illinois can be spectacular in between showers and thunderstorms. This is along 1500N, near the Lamoine River.

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